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Tying the Knot in Style: Why Villa Balbiano is Lake Como's Crown Jewel

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Location: Western shore of Lake Como

Historical Significance: Originally built in the 16th century and later embellished in the 18th century, Villa Balbiano is a testament to the rich history and architectural marvels of the region.

Ambiance: Surrounded by a century-old park and gardens, the villa offers breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Como and the majestic mountains. The interiors blend history and luxury, adorned with original Baroque frescoes and furnished with exquisite antiques.

Capacity: The venue can comfortably accommodate up to 550 guests for events. For those looking for an intimate lakeside ceremony, the garden by the lake can hold up to 200 guests.

Accommodation: The villa boasts six luxurious suites, ensuring a comfortable stay for the wedding party or guests.

Pricing: A 3-day event at Villa Balbiano comes with a price tag of around 61,000 Euros. This package includes accommodation for 12 guests across the six suites. For those looking for a shorter duration, there's an option to hire the property for 24 hours.


Villa Balbiano

In the heart of Italy's picturesque Lake Como lies a venue that's nothing short of a fairy tale – Villa Balbiano. As an event planner with years of experience under my belt, I've seen venues that dazzle and venues that disappoint. But Villa Balbiano? It's in a league of its own. Let's dive into what makes this venue a dream come true for couples worldwide.

A Historical Marvel:
Step into a world where 16th-century charm meets 21st-century luxury. The villa, with its roots in the Renaissance era, boasts intricate Baroque frescoes that tell tales of yesteryears. Every corner of this venue whispers stories of the past, making it a living museum of love and history.

Nature's Canvas:
Imagine saying your vows with the serene Lake Como as your backdrop and the majestic Alps nodding in approval. The century-old park and gardens enveloping the villa paint a picture so perfect; it's like nature itself decided to roll out its best canvas for your big day.

Luxury at Every Corner:
From the six opulent suites to the antique furnishings, luxury is the language spoken here. Whether it's the lakeside garden ceremony with 200 of your closest or a grand affair with 550 guests, Villa Balbiano ensures every moment is dipped in opulence.

An Investment in Memories:
Yes, a 3-day extravaganza here comes with a price tag of 61,000 Euros. But what you get in return? Memories that are priceless. And for those who fancy a shorter affair, the 24-hour hire option is just as enticing.

In the world of weddings, Villa Balbiano is the crown jewel of Lake Como. It's where history, nature, and luxury come together to give you a wedding that's straight out of a fairy tale. As an event planner, I've seen many venues, but few come close to the magic that is Villa Balbiano. If you're looking for a venue that's as unique as your love story, your search ends here.


How many guests can Villa Balbiano accommodate?

  • The venue can host up to 550 guests, with a special lakeside garden for intimate ceremonies of up to 200 guests.

Is there accommodation available on-site?

  • Absolutely! The villa offers six luxurious suites for the comfort of your guests.

What's the cost for a 3-day event at Villa Balbiano?

  • A 3-day event is priced around 61,000 Euros, which includes accommodation for 12 guests in the six suites.

Can I hire the venue for just a day?

  • Yes, there's an option for a 24-hour hire of the property.

What makes Villa Balbiano stand out from other Lake Como venues?

  • Its rich history, unparalleled views of Lake Como, and unmatched luxury make it a venue like no other.
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